Mini Militia for ios (Doodle Army 2) is one of the most popular open-world shooting games with 2D cartoonish-themed and initially was launched in 2011 only on the iOS platform.

When it got immense popularity among iOS users, developers also introduced the android version of (Mini Militia APK) for this intense battlefield game in 2015 with the latest key features.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia for ios can be played with online/offline modes using the LAN/WLAN. The battle doesn’t require a strong means of internet connections.

mini militia apk for iOS

Enjoy this FPS game up to 6 players online and 12 players with offline mode. You can also engage with the different multiplayer modes of mini Militia apk latest version for sharpening your skills to attack.

Besides this, mastering this battlefield takes time. Only your skills are not enough to win. It would be best if you had the Pro Tips/Tricks of Mini Militia which ranks you higher.

However, if you are also a user of iOS and love to play the mini militia apk combat game, then here I would reveal all the technical aspects of downloading and its specifications.

So, just walk with me to install the compact version of mini Militia for ios in your iPhone (iOS).

download for ios

Some Key Features of Mini Militia for iOS

The mini Militia for ios has become the worldwide shooting game due to its highly compact features that provide ease to its lovers during their fight. Here are a few parts for you that would ultimately enhance your craze for this battlefield game.

  • Gives multiplayer modes with online/offline Online mode accommodates 6 players, while in the offline connection, 12 players can play the match.
  • You can customize your avatar according to your need by changing your face, hair, clothes, etc.
  • Provides the users a better control with the help of virtual and aiming sticks. Virtual stick helps to move your avatar in the game, and aiming allows for appropriate attacks.
  • Mini Militia has explored the 20+ 2D animated maps for shooters to go.
  • Provides a great combination of weapons for more killings.


Specifications for Mini Militia iOS

The Doodle Army 2 was launched with minimal specifications. It requires a fundamental setup to download on your iOS devices. The latest version of this mini militia for ios game is 5.4.0.

App NameMini Militia for iOS
File Size45MB
Updated1 day ago
iOS RequiresiOS 8.1.2 or above
App DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
App Storedownload on app store

How to Download Mini Militia on iOS?

Doodle Army 2: the ever-best FPS game can be easily installed in your iOS operating systems within a few minutes. Just go with the following instructions below, and you will install it quickly.

    • Click on the given link on our website. This will redirect you to the Apple Store.
    • Now login to your Apple Store Account by inserting your ID and Password of the iOS store.
    • After this, tap on the download button and wait for a few minutes. The setup will automatically download to your iOS device.
  • Now, enable all the resources for mini militia mod apk in your iOS operating system. In this way, you will get this FPS game on your iOS system.
  • Tap on the game and enjoy the multiple modes to win.


In this way, you can download the Doodle Army 2 (Mini Militia for ios) in your iPhone/iOS handsets.

Essential Hacks for iOS Users

There are always cheats and hacks available for every single game. Thus, doodle army two also comes with unique hacks and tips/tricks in the market to survive. Check this out mini militia for pc

Everyone can use these valuable tips/tricks while attacking opponents. This will surely enhance your abilities as well as points of killings in the battle.

  • Melee attacks always boost the rocket speed whenever you’re flying or even walking.
  • Always crouch yourself when the grenade is about to explode near you.
  • Zoom multipliers also help you to aim your target even from long distances.
  • Keep the sensor bombs in the thick part of bushes; it will show magic.
  • Always go with high-powered guns, snipers, pistols and grenades to attack, etc.


Hopefully, after going through the above description, you can now download the Mini Militia for iOS on your Apple iPhone handsets. This is an adventurous-based 2D battle game with a variety of features and hacks which give you hours of excitement. FInish your downloading and install it to play well. Best of luck!

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