Are you looking for an intense battlefield game to kill the boring time?

If yes, then download mini militia APK (also known as Doodle Army 2) might be the right game to install in your handy smartphones. And the reason I suggest it is its adventurous theme.

In the beginning, it was developed with a 2D interface and was only compatible with iOS devices. But after the interest of Android users, developers also launched its APK (Android) version.

mini militia apk

The most interesting thing I found while playing Doodle Army2 is its online/offline modes.  You can play this FPS game even without having the internet.

In the offline mode, only a hotspot connection is required with your partners. Also, the multiplayer feature enables you to play with up to 6 players online, or 12 on a LAN or using a hotspot.

However, if you are thinking of installing it then you must know all about it as to the specifications, features, and easy configuration steps.

Today’s article covers everything you need to know about Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 APK as its settings for your phone and the easiest way to install.

mini militia apk

Specifications for Mini Militia APK

Mini Militia APK is developed as a user-friendly game that you can install with limited specifications. It’s compatible with all the smartphones you’ve regardless of iOS and Androids, you can also check this mini militia iOS version . Now it’s available mini militia for PC ‘s too, you can run as multiplayer.


App NameMini Militia APK
File Size45.1MB
Updated1 day ago
Android RequiresAndroid 4.1 or Up
App DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
google play


Features of Mini Militia APK

Mini Militia – the best FPS game ever has some interesting features in its intense battlefield theme. At its fresher, it was developed with limited features as there was no multiplayer mode. With time, it got updates and added plenty of adventurous highlights. You’ll if you’re fond of FPS gaming. Check mini militia tips&tricks here

Survival Mode:

Mini militia download entertains its lovers by providing one of the super cool features of survival mode. This unique hack makes the player fearless of losing health from the opponents while shooting. While playing the battle with your friends, you face plenty of hits through your opponents which ultimately increases the health to unlimited, instead of leading to death. Obviously, you are thinking of using this cheat now! In the game directory, a file is located which allows you to use that code during your combat and makes you the Master of the game, But if you use this mini militia mod apk download then you don’t need to use that code.

Multiplayer Mode:

Doodle Army 2 is all about the intense multiplayer battle for killing the boring time with your family members or even with your sweet friends. It enables its lovers to play the game in a multiplayer mode which surely adds more fun to it. There are two modes of playing combat online/offline. Online means, only you need to have a stable internet connection and play with up to 6 friends. While mini militia  multiplayer offline mode doesn’t require strong resources, simply all you can play with up to 12 partners via Bluetooth or hotspot system.

Different Maps:

At the beginning of mini militia APK, it can be played by using only two maps. But within time, a lot of compact modifications have been launched to upgrade it. Now its new version contains a variety of 20+ 2D graphics maps which can also be run on the low-end operating systems for keeping fun with the low-budget users.


Zoom Control:

Zoom control is one of the must-have features even in every type of battlefield game. It makes it convenient to play for those players who are looking for the zooming capacity of maps, guns like a long-range sniper, or even short-range pistols, no matter what.

Easy Interface:

Mini militia APK has explored a very simple and easy interface for the gamers that can be counted on the player’s fingertips on how to control all the operations.

Futuristic Weapon:

The Mini Militia 1 battlefield game introduced an unbelievably wide range of weapons for winning the combat against the opponents and some of its long-range tools are Desert Eagle, Uzi, Magnum, MP5, and AK47, etc.

How to Download Mini Militia for Android

Mini militia remains always the ever-best FPS game, especially for the adventure lovers who love to play the battlefield with the multiplayer mode. So if you also think of installing it on your smartphones then 100% you can get it after reading the following instructions;

  • Firstly, go to the settings in your android phone to enable the unknown sources in the following pattern: Settings>> Security>> Turn on the unknown sources.
  • Now in the below, tap on the download link of mini militia original APK version and wait for a while to download it completely.
  • After getting downloaded, tap on the install button, and in this way, your device will automatically detect unknown sources.
  • Finally, your game is ready to play!

Final Conclusion

Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2 is no doubt a well-known FPS game for the best entertaining purpose with your loving partners specifically due to its unlimited health cheats. And very hopefully, after going through this article you’ve got an authentic idea of all about this battlefield game from the perspective of specifications, features, and download facts. Now without wasting a while, download the updated version of this game from this website.

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