Doodle Army2, also known as Mini Militia, is one of the intense, action-packed 2D cartoonish fighting games to provide hours of fun and excitement to battlefield lovers.

It was released in 2011 for only iOS users, but after its great success, developers also launched its android version in 2015 as well as lots of updates were added to this to make it craze.

However, there is no official/unofficial version to install the Mini Militia for PC or Mac book directly that you are using, but in the future, it might happen.


Doodle Army2 offers various explosives such as high-powered guns, pistols, grenades, snipers, and long-range rifles for making massive attacks at enemies to the death.

This battlefield game engaged its users in three unique modes: Training, Co-Op, and Survival to hone their skills according to their preferences.

Apart from this, Doodle Army 1 also facilitates its lovers with online/offline modes. So, if you are also thinking of installing this evergreen game, you must know all about its settings.

Today’s article would cover everything from downloading to installing this on your operating systems (Android).

Specifications to Download Doodle Army2 Apk

Doodle Army2 Apk latest version is now fully compatible with both android and iOS devices. Hence there are minimal resources that you require to install it on your smartphones below: you may also like Mini Militia for iOS

App NameDoodle Army2
File Size45MB
Updatede1 day ago
Android RequiresAndroid 4.1 or Up
App DeveloperAppsomniacs  LLC

Why Should Doodle Army2 Install?

The Doodle Army2 (Mini Militia) is a worldwide FPS game due to its multiple features: multiplayer modes, online/offline mode, explosives weapons, custom avatars, rocket boosts, and 20+ maps, etc. to go.

  1. Online/Offline modes:

Doodle Army2 Apk plunges its users with both online/offline modes. This is a handy feature in this battlefield game because you don’t need a strong internet connection.

You can play up to 6 enemies online from any part of the world.

Only a normal WLAN (WIRELESS Connection) is required to play well. On the other hand, you can accommodate up to 12 players in offline mode via local connections, even with hotspots.


  1. Multiplayer Modes:

This is the brilliant feature of mini Militia, which works for the ever-age users. Doesn’t it matter how old you are? It would help with multiplayer mode, which has three different ways to play as Training, Co-Op, and survival modes.

As a beginner, you should go through with the training mode to hone your killing skills. After a time,  It will enable you to play warfare online in the best manners to achieve the maximum killing points.


  1. Survival Mode:

Survival mode is one of the pretty cool features that Doodle Army2 apk full version has. This feature enables you to make lots of attacks against your enemies without the fear of losing health.

In the battle, you face plenty of strikes by the enemies, which lead you towards death, due to which you get no reward points.

So if you are using this hack, it will ultimately increase your health on every hit. In this way, you become the God of the game!


  1. Variety of Maps:

Mini Militia entertains its users with 20+ 2D visual graphics maps, which add more fun. There were only two maps to go at its fresher, but within time, lots of healthy features and hacks were added to it, which created more interest in warfare.

  1. The Zoom Control:

Zoom control plays an essential role in the Doodle Army2. Whenever you are looking for enemies from a considerable distance in the game, the zoom will help you find your target easily.

You need to aim and kill. Aside from this, you can also use this awesome feature with your snipers, rifles, and pistols for long-range shootings.

  1. Easy Interface:

Doodle Army2 has launched a very innocent and straightforward interface for the ease of all over the battlefield lovers. All the operations and functions can be easily performed even by a newbie.

Only you need to download and install the Mini Militia Apk on your handy devices and then tap for the practice modes. Select your network option (LAN/WLAN) and create a room to play with up to 6 or 12 players according to your own preferences.

  1. Futuristic Weapons:

Weapons play an essential role in Doodle Army2 Mini Militia or any battlefield/combat game to get a deep piercing in your targeted enemies.

The mini Militia apk download is all about the intense multiplayer action game that supports its users by providing them with plenty of explosives tools such as high-powered guns, rifles, snipers for long-range shootings, grenades for throwing, etc.

These weapons help you to make lots of kills whenever you’re playing the battle match. So, always go with loaded guns to attack your opponents.


How to Download Doodle Army2?

Want to download Doodle Army2!

It would help if you were glad to reach here because now I will guide you on downloading this intense FPS game on your smartphone OS. There is a pretty simple method to install it. See also mini militia apk mod

Follow step-by-step instructions to get it in your mobiles OS below:
  • Enable the unknown resources of your android handset in the settings such as Settings>> Security >> Enable Resources.
  • Now look for the Download link here and tap to get it on your android phones completely. Just wait until it downloads successfully.
  • After this, click on the install button, and in this way, your handset will automatically detect the resources to get it, and in a few seconds, your game will be ready to play!

Hence, that was the very convenient method for installing the Doodle Army2.

Few Tips and Tricks While Playing

No doubt, Mini MilitiaApk Tips/Tricks helps you to perform better in the game. Thus, Doodle Army2 also offers and supports all the hacks and tactics to win the match as practice makes perfect! You need to get a few practices with cheats that you know to become a pro fighter.

Some are here that will instruct you towards the high rank.

  • During the game, I was always trying to reload the guns for instant shooting.
  • Place the sensor bombs in the thick bushes.
  • Always go with a shield; it protects you in the front.
  • Throw a grenade between you and your opponent while taking final breaths, etc.


Doodle Army2 (Mini Militia) is not only all about the intense multiplayer game but also an action-packed combat experience for you that takes your abilities to the next level.

Hopefully, after reading all about the mini Militia, now it has become a craze for you. Just download to enjoy this ever-best 2D shooting game. Best of luck!

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